Biodegradable Compostable Coffee Pods

Biodegradable Coffee Pods Matta Espresso delivers fresh and delicious biodegradable coffee pods that are sustainable for the environment. Our eco pods are made from the best possible beans that have been hand-picked across the regions of Brazil, India, Ethiopia & Columbia.

Why Compostable Coffee Pods While your standard espresso pods deliver a fast and ultra convenient way of getting your cup of java in the morning, the convenience comes at a cost to our precious earth. All of the aluminum and plastic in those convenient little capsules does not decompose and really adds up over time. It was reported last year that over 56 billion coffee pods went to landfills around the world last year. It’s time for a change and that starts with us. Biodegradable coffee pods also add up over time in a much more positive and sustainable way for the environment. So try our eco-friendly capsules today and be the change you want to see in the world while enjoying your prized cup of our delicious brew!